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Cornerstone Design and Consulting

Paul Hotchkiss - Owner/Draftsman

Office: (229)269-4690

Cell: (229)300-0205

Email: cornerstonedc@bellsouth.net

F-O-R-T-U-N-E Personnel Consultants

Kris W. Jensen - President

Office: (229)444-6055

Cell: (229)834-1538


Professional Nursing and Support

Caring hearts for your loved one.

Lashanda Williams - RN

Office: (229)269-4314

Cell: (229)375-4635

Strive Medical

Josh Rosenthal - Vice President

Office: (888)771-9229

Cell: (214)725-9717

Fax: (866)680-5574


100% Real Estate, Inc.

Gary King - Realtor

Office: (800)424-3422 ext. 715

Cell: (229)560-5990

Fax: (229)244-5787


Payment Processing of America

Paul Sapp

Office: (239)316-8970

Email: support@ppapayment.com


You Pay It Forward

Walls Insurance Group

Doug Walls

Office: (229)247-6644

Email: doug.walls@american-national.com


Bankruptcy Attorney

Charles Farrell, Jr.

Office: 229-474-6742

Email: cfarrell@CharlesFarrellLaw.com


Soto DUI Defense

Gus Soto

Office: 888-440-7686


DTH Corporation

Metro Contracting Services, LLC

Meet Our Satisfied Virtual Clients

Medhearts Training
Latonya Arnold 
Alpha Foundations
Lisa Scully
Brand South, LLC
Arthur Morin
Mudanza Moving Services
Chef Joel Cologne
Pulse CPR
Kristi Pittman
Norris Bishop Realty
Norris Bishop
U.S. Timeshare Exchange
Dan Storlien