What Are the Benefits of Having Virtual office Georgia?

Virtual Office Georgia

At present time, businesses look around for flexibility. They need flexible work hours. Having a physical office location may not offer that level of flexibility as time restrictions are generally imposed. This is why more businesses today are going for a virtual office.

There are several benefits you get the moment you opt for Virtual office Georgia options. Firstly virtual office may save your time. They also save money. They offer flexibility. These are only a few benefits that are mentioned here.

There are several other benefits. You can read more about this here in the content shared below.

Advantages Offered by Virtual Office Space

Virtual office Georgia

Eliminates the need to commute

The first benefit of having a virtual office is that you get to eliminate commuting time. On daily basis, people often invest two to three hours traveling to the office place. If you stay far off from the city then most of your time is spent traveling.

This factor can also affect your overall productivity. But now you may not have to worry about commuting. You can look around for the best virtual office. Some of them also offer the benefit of holding physical shared office space. You can share the office space with our team as well.

Active Employees

If the employees have to travel to the workplace and back daily, they may feel stressed. Travels can get hectic for many. They may underperform as well because they are tired of traveling. At the physical office, employees have to spend more time at the desk. This can also be tiresome for many.

But the moment they are working at a virtual office they may not get stressed. They can also relax and work from their comfort zone. They may not have to spend eight to ten hours working from the same desk. They can stretch and relax as well.


When speaking of flexibility, employees and employers certainly need more flexibility in the present time. This means that they can work and enjoy their snacks at the same time. This may not be possible if you are holding a physical office.

This level of flexibility you only get if you opt for a virtual office. You can decide your preferred time to enjoy lunch. You can also decide your own time to work.

Enjoy Globalization

A virtual office means that you will be able to connect to global clients as well. You may not have to entertain them in the physical office location. You can get connected to them online. Many companies in the present time look around for Virtual office Georgia options.

This is more cost-effective. You can simply hire minimum staff and get started as well. You may not need a full-fledged office space and staff.

Reduces Overhead Expenses

If you lease office space you will have to pay the rent you also have to pay for the utility bills. You have to pay high salaries to the employees. With a virtual office, there are no overhead charges. You also invest less money in technology. You do not have to look around for fixed office space as well.

“Every Problem Is a Gift:” Reframing Your Company Narrative

Too often businesses struggle with the idea that the perfect product or service will be a completely pain free process. In fact, many companies have mottos that drive toward perfection, success, and guaranteed positive results. However, what many companies miss is the opportunity to embrace problems. Contrary to popular belief, problems can actually be the thing that makes your company better than anyone else’s.

photo of woman showing frustrations on her face
Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

“Every problem is a gift- without problems we would not grow.” Anthony Robbins’ famous quote perfectly underlines exactly how much of a positive impact problems can have on their business. Going through a journey without your business ever experiencing issues or problems is unrealistic; problems are a natural part of any company. However, too many companies respond simply by trying to hide or push down the issues as quickly as possible and end up not learning from them or their mistakes at all.

Treating each problem in your company’s life cycle as a gift involves reframing your company narrative and demonstrating just how powerful positive thinking can be in terms of improving company performance. Every problem you encounter points out a flaw and place for improvement in your current company design. Each hiccup and bounce along the way will help move you forward towards a more productive, informed, and nuanced company approach. If you can train your team to treat problems as the powerful learning opportunities and gifts that they are, you can begin building a framework of continual improvement that promotes personal and professional growth.

Reframing company narratives can be a challenging process, especially if you have many employees who are used to working with the “old way of things.” In these cases, it’s even more important to engage with them and help them understand why a transition in company mission can be so effective. With one switch, you can begin rewriting your company culture for the better, creating an environment where everyone wants to work and feels excited about the path ahead. Viewing every part of your business’s journey, whether success or problem, as a gift and growing opportunity creates a business that every employee can be proud of. Take the time to reframe your narrative today and reap the benefits of a more motivated and productive team well into the future.

“The Courage to Continue” – Finding Hope in Business Challenges

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill

One of the hardest concepts to get used to as a business owner is the idea of failure. As a business owner and entrepreneur, no one wants to fail. The idea of facing a business flop or failure is often the last thing on our minds. However, failure and struggle are a constant part of the lifecycle of a company. No idea is perfect at its start: every company tries out ideas or different strategies that do not work successfully. It’s important to remember in those moments the immortal words of Winston Churchill: “failure is not fatal.”

Winston Churchill may not be remembered primarily as a business manager, but his time as the Prime Minister of England during the Second World War certainly saw many different challenges. Churchill’s battle plans were not always successful, and it took him many years to build England back up and continue fighting until they had won. His advice holds true for any situation: failure is not fatal. One failure will not hold you back forever. Even if you take a hit as a company or your business plan struggles, you can continue to push forward and keep working.

Churchill also reminded us that success is not final either. One success, while certainly exciting, does not indicate that you’re guaranteed success in the future. Settling for success is the number one way to guarantee that your business won’t continue to grow. Continuing to innovate, develop, and advance further in your craft is the best way to guarantee continued success beyond just one or two good things.

Whether you’re enjoying success or struggling through failure, the most important thing in determining your ultimate success is your path forward. Neither success or failure is finite and final; instead, you must work through each phase with an eye towards pushing past any other issues and continuing on. The courage to continue, as Winston Churchill so eloquently puts it, is what distinguishes you as a successful business and creator, and the more you continue forward despite success or failure, the stronger your business plan and overall success will be.

How To Make Your Business Customer-Focused

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

Are you a brand new small business? One of the most important tools to learn as quickly as possible for a small business owner is customer service. Customer service is the technique that keeps clients coming back to your firm again and again, but it’s not the easiest thing and the world to master. Customer-focused service means focusing on your customers as the emphasis of your company, not your products. Many businesses tend to make the mistake of focusing on their products over their customers, working to put out the best possible product they can. You should work to put out high-quality products, absolutely, but by emphasizing customer needs, experiences, and feedback, you achieve higher customer satisfaction rates than if you solely focused on your product.

Now that you’ve learned all the benefits of customer focused service, let’s look at a few easy and effective ways to enable customer focused care in your business today.

  1. Create a Customer Service Centered Position
    • Designating a position within your team to focus specifically on the customer experience will go a long way towards identifying and serving specific customer needs that come up. Make this role the main lead and organizer for all your customer service operations to keep things efficient and running smoothly for both you and your customers.
  2. Know Your Customers
    • Though your goal should be to focus on customer satisfaction, not every customer is the ideal target to market to. Analyze your customers carefully and focus on customers that make recent, frequent, and high-value purchases. Use those as your major audience when you’re promoting and selling your services.
  3. Hire with Customer Service in Mind at Every Level
    • No matter what position your employee holds within your business, their interactions with customers and their approach to customer service will contribute to your company’s overall consumer experience. Make sure that every employee you hire has the right customer service skills to support your mission.
  4. Create Opportunities for Direct Customer Contact
    • In an increasingly digital and remote workplace, making the time for direct customer engagement is essential to preserving customer-focused workplace standards. Train your employees on customer service calls or hold retreats so they can hear feedback directly from their clientele on what their needs are and create forums where your clients can post their thoughts as well.

7 Ways to Make a Lasting First Impression on Facebook

By Carol Mikel

When consumers are thinking of buying a product or service they go to the internet to do a little research. Social media profiles are often amongst the top results in search listings for brand names. Consumers will probably see your Facebook page before they see your website. That should tell you how important it is to use your social media to create and build a trust worthy brand. In fact, social media channels are search engines too and many times consumers go directly to Facebook or other social media channels for research.

While your website is filled with information about your products or services, social media can work to build trust with consumers by allowing them to see the beyond the advertising and see what a company is about daily as the content changes.

Each one of the tactics below is simple and easy to do but when you take in the overall effect, you will see how your Facebook Page will help consumers believe they can trust you and that you are the right choice.

1 – Verify your page

At one time Facebook only allowed celebrities and major brands to verify their pages so you would know it was real person or brand and not an imposter. Now, if you are a legitimate company, you can get verified too. You do need proof you are a real business by providing a business phone number, a utility bill with the business name or your articles of incorporation.

2 – Personal branding

Be sure to use your branding elements when creating your page. Stay consistent with your logo, color scheme, and style.

3 – About page

Here is where you can really say something about your core values as a business and let consumers know important company details. You can add links to other social media accounts, link to your website or specific products, and include all of your contact information.

4 – Show some personality

Social media is not about selling your product or service. It’s about creating engagement with current or potential clients. Showing product demonstrations, behind the scenes videos or images, even pets and family can help to show that there are real people behind the brand.

5 – Include brand influencers

You know those people who everyone knows? If you can, include pictures of yourself with them or tag them in relevant posts. Only if you know them. Don’t just tag random influencers, that’s just bad social media etiquette and they could end up blocking you. This will help bring a new audience to your page.

6 – Share good news

Did you get a write up or mention on the news? Post it so your followers can share in the excitement with you.

7 – Facebook Live

This is huge and only getting bigger. Again, your follows will be able to see you are an actual person behind the brand and will be able to interact with you live. Facebook Live videos get a higher organic reach than recorded videos.

Social media allows you to make a good first impression, and since you only have one chance at a first impression, better make it great!

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Article Source: 7 Ways to Make a Lasting First Impression on Facebook

5 Communication Apps for Small Businesses

When operating a small business, communication is a major factor in the success of your small business. Here are some of the best communication apps to improve productivity within your company.

Microsoft Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace– letting you work from anywhere and making it easy for your team to chat, collaborate on files, and work with your favorite apps.

Fuze is a video conferencing app that hosts online meetings for all devices and operating systems, including iPads and tablets. It offers high-definition video and crisp audio, and it’s easy to set up and download.

Pushover sends push messages to any smartphone and organizes messages and notifications from your devices in one common space. You can send 7,500 messages each month for free and receive an unlimited amount of notifications on Android and iOS devices and desktops.

With Slack’s instant messaging platform, you can organize your team’s conversations into separate private or public channels or send a direct message. The app also makes it easy to drag, drop and share images, PDFs and other files right in the chat. It automatically indexes and archives any message, notification or file, and there’s no limit to how many users your business can add.

You can use Skype to video or voice call anyone in the world; get up to 25 people together on a call; transmit video, photos and files of any size; share your computer screen; and send text or voice messages. Skype can also be used on Amazon Alexa devices.

Introducing Valdosta Shared Office Space in Downtown Valdosta, Georgia!

The most basic thing that a business needs is an office. It can be described as the nucleus of a business, a place where many of the business activities, management and control take place. Offices should be designed to enhance employee productivity, impress clients and never undermine the importance of reaching financial goals. For a small business or start-up, having an office space is an expensive matter. Renting the office and paying for maintenance, security and utilities are just a few of the burdensome expenses that could easily be eliminated by renting an office at Valdosta Shared Office Space. You'll have your own private office, and it's a snap when the cost of your administrative printing/copying/scanning, phone, utilities, internet, conference room, maintenance and so much more are shared expenses. Operate your business autonomously, but get the same amenities of a large company, at a fraction of the cost. You owe it to your business, and to your clients, to investigate the benefits of Valdosta Shared Office Space.

Find Shared Office Space in Georgia

In 2005, when we introduced our shared business office space for lease, Valdosta, Georgia became on par with our much larger metropolitan sister cities. We are always keen to provide the most innovative office space alternatives. Ideally, a workplace must be systematically developed and have modernized infrastructure to make interoffice & global communication seamless, as well as robust. When departments within an office communicate well with each other, productivity increases significantly & positive results follow.

Georgia Shared Office Space

Benefits of Opting for Shared Office Space

Apart from the exceptional facility at our Valdosta, Georgia shared office space location, we commit to customizing our services so that you get the best assistance to help your business grow. Please call us at 229-247-0877, or stop by to see our facility at 100 North Patterson Street, Valdosta, GA 31601.