Conference Room Rental in Valdosta, Georgia

Impress your clients in our cutting-edge 10 person conference room. Meet, train or conduct small seminars that make you the expert. Bring in outside consultants that improve your bottom line.

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Schedule the Conference Room

Schedule the Conference Room

Please Note: Access To The Conference Room Requires The Use of Stairs.

Conference Room Rate is $20/Hour, Payable By Check or M.O. to "V.S.O.S."


Conference Room Rental in Valdosta, Georgia

Renting an affordable conference room on an as-needed basis, instead of incurring the expense of owning a commercial property is becoming more common for small businesses that work remotely, with little or no need for brick and mortar infrastructure. Online conferencing has all but replaced the use of a traditional conference room.  But, oftentimes the need for a physical conference room does arise, for example; to present awards, review detailed plans, conduct team meetings, role playing exercises, or for the directors to meet privately with clients.

However, for small companies it is often difficult to find an affordable meeting space. Hotels may charge $300-$800 for a conference room for a minimum of 4-8 hours, adding in-house catering and audio-visual services as pricey extras.  Additionally, hefty cancellation fees make flexibility difficult when conference room rental at hotels is the only option.

Valdosta Shared Office Space offers conference room rental that is cost-effective & flexible for as little as $20/hour for a 10 person conference room, with a nominal 1 hour minimum required and there’s NEVER a cancelation fee for the best conference room rental Georgia has to offer.

Conference Room Rental for Weekly, Quarterly or Annual Business Meetings

Weekly, Quarterly or Annual business meetings which require more comprehensive discussion and presentations than possible with online conferencing are vital for most companies. In-person meetings create a high degree of company morale, productivity, the feeling of belonging, and team structure. You’ll want to hold your meeting or event here to be part of the best conference room rental Georgia has to offer. 

Why Choose Our Conference Room Rental?

We offer the best conference room rental Georgia has to offer, completely ready for holding your business meetings. The conference room is equipped with up-to-date amenities (CAT 5 cabling, wireless internet, speaker phone, audio/visual equipment and room for 10 people), as well as a fully stocked break room and restroom facility. We are committed to offering the best solution for conference room rental.

  • Affordable Service: We offer the most affordable conference room rental, charging as little as $20/hour, with a nominal 1 hour minimum.  We guarantee that there’s never a cancelation fee.  We fully understand the need for businesses to remain flexible.
  • Hourly Booking: See the conference room rental availability and make your request online, all from the convenient online portal located on our web site,
  • Audio-Video Presentation: Look forward to state of the art CAT-5 cabling, wireless internet, speaker phone, audio/visual equipment and a dry erase board for your presentations.
  • Video Conferencing: An Ethernet connection makes video conferencing a snap. We offer robust internet speeds and also have a back-up internet source.
  • Customizable Space: Space can be customized for 2-10 people, as needed, at no additional charge. We listen to our clients and provide special services as needed. Rent as often as you need.

Arrange Different Types of Meetings

  • Interviews
  • Board Meetings
  • Training Room
  • Team meetings
  • Client presentations
  • Weekly, Quarterly or Annual Meetings
  • Client meetings

We are committed to budget-friendly and convenient conference room rental services.

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