“The Courage to Continue” – Finding Hope in Business Challenges

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill

One of the hardest concepts to get used to as a business owner is the idea of failure. As a business owner and entrepreneur, no one wants to fail. The idea of facing a business flop or failure is often the last thing on our minds. However, failure and struggle are a constant part of the lifecycle of a company. No idea is perfect at its start: every company tries out ideas or different strategies that do not work successfully. It’s important to remember in those moments the immortal words of Winston Churchill: “failure is not fatal.”

Winston Churchill may not be remembered primarily as a business manager, but his time as the Prime Minister of England during the Second World War certainly saw many different challenges. Churchill’s battle plans were not always successful, and it took him many years to build England back up and continue fighting until they had won. His advice holds true for any situation: failure is not fatal. One failure will not hold you back forever. Even if you take a hit as a company or your business plan struggles, you can continue to push forward and keep working.

Churchill also reminded us that success is not final either. One success, while certainly exciting, does not indicate that you’re guaranteed success in the future. Settling for success is the number one way to guarantee that your business won’t continue to grow. Continuing to innovate, develop, and advance further in your craft is the best way to guarantee continued success beyond just one or two good things.

Whether you’re enjoying success or struggling through failure, the most important thing in determining your ultimate success is your path forward. Neither success or failure is finite and final; instead, you must work through each phase with an eye towards pushing past any other issues and continuing on. The courage to continue, as Winston Churchill so eloquently puts it, is what distinguishes you as a successful business and creator, and the more you continue forward despite success or failure, the stronger your business plan and overall success will be.